Remote PT

Remote physical therapy (PT) reimagines the conventional healing journey. Kemtai provides clinicians with a scalable solution that enables patients to access essential therapeutic interventions and exercises without the inconvenience of a physical clinic. 

AI-Guided Exercises & Digital Assessments

Our platform is based on proprietary computer vision technologies that transform any device with a camera into an intuitive, real-time guide. Kemtai provides personalized AI-guided exercises and assessments with accurate and consistent real-time feedback and guidance within their prescribed home exercise protocols (HEP), all from the comfort of their own surroundings.

Enhanced Adherence and Engagement

Adherence is the key to a successful remote PT. Kemtai’s technology transforms adherence from a challenge to an achievement. Patients experience engaging exercise sessions complemented by real-time feedback, significantly boosting adherence rates. Increased engagement leads to better outcomes, which translates to to satisfied patients and cost reductions.

Empowering Preventive Care

Clinicians can use Kemtai to proactively engage patients with exercises that prevent potential issues before they arise. With real-time guidance, personalized plans, and remote monitoring, Kemtai enables patients to take charge of their well-being, setting a new standard in preventive care.

API Integration and White Label Capabilities

Kemtai’s API enables effortless integration into your remote PT platform. Additionally, our white label option empowers digital platforms to maintain brand consistency and present a cohesive experience to  patients, amplifying your digital health solution’s impact. If you don’t have a digital platform, you can easily use KemtaiCARE – an exercise prescription and management platform meticulously crafted for providers, redefining the patient experience and clinic efficiency.