AI in Physiotherapy and Fitness

Kemtai leverages proprietary AI and advanced Computer Vision, Kemtai’s technology analyzes human motion and provides real-time training feedback to create safer and more effective exercises for physiotherapy and fitness


PERSONALIZED AI EXERCISE PLATFORM Select a trainer and workout from our vast library, start a Pilates class in the Kemtai studio, or try adaptive personal training to maximize impact, and get fit at home. Kemtai offers a personalized home gym in your laptop browser, providing accurate training feedback and scoring as if a trainer was right there at home with you.

AI Motion Processing Engine

Accurately detects and analyzes human motion and skeletal position during home fitness workouts and physical therapy sessions.

Neural Network Algorithms

Clones specific motion to provide accurate representation of specific movements and goals

Adaptive Exercises

Analyzes real-time performance to adjust exercise difficulty and provide optimal workouts

No Hardware. No Devices

Provides personalized home-fitness gym with training feedback on a browser without requiring accessories or expensive fitness devices.

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