Computer Vision for Physical Therapy & Rehab

Kemtai’s advanced computer vision technology analyzes human motion and provides real-time exercise feedback. Kemtai creates safer and more effective home physiotherapy and rehabilitation sessions. Kemtai provides the most accurate home exercise computer guidance and at affordable cost.

Kemtai provides a B2B computer vision exercise platform that uses proprietary neural network algorithms to accurately analyze human motion and provide real-time corrective guidance to users and patients.

  • Advanced computer vision technologies specifically developed for human motion tracking, digital assessments and corrective guidance.
  • Accurately identifies and analyzes your members’ exact movements with 111 body motion data points.
  • Members’ performance data enables adaptive personalization for their ongoing exercises routine. 
  • Pure software solution that runs on any smartphone/tablet/desktop and requires no sensors or wearables. 
  • Robust API framework and white labeling integration options.