Healthcare Systems

In the complex and competitive health system landscape, challenges in rehabilitation demand innovative solutions that streamline costs, drive revenue, optimize treatment efficiency, and elevate patient outcomes.In the ever-evolving landscape of digital health, Kemtai empowers digital healthcare platforms to offer unparalleled value to their patients. Our advanced platform harnesses the power of AI & computer vision technology and adaptability, revolutionizing the way patients engage with their rehabilitation journey. Here’s how Kemtai can amplify your digital health offerings:

Use our proprietary computer vision technology that transforms any device with a camera into an intuitive guide. Kemtai provides personalized AI-guided exercises and assessments with accurate and consistent real-time feedback so that patients can effectively complete their exercises from the comfort of their own homes or at the clinic.

Embrace innovation to catalyze accelerated healing, enhance patient care, and cultivate cost-effective healthcare systems.

Stop Losing Money to Poor Adherence

Adherence is a critical piece of a patient journey in any field, but it is the cornerstone of the patient journey in physical therapy. Providers lose significant revenue to no-shows (patients failing to show up for appointments) and patient drop-off (patients failing to follow-through with their full set of appointments). However, with Kemtai, patients become more engaged and accountable at home, which can translate to stronger appointment attendance because patients become more invested in their progress. This improved appointment attendance drives concrete savings for providers by allowing them to capture revenue that is traditionally lost to no-shows and drop-off.

Additionally, improved physical therapy adherence is directly linked to improved outcomes. This reduces the need for surgical interventions, which tend to provide significant cost challenges for providers. Similarly, improved outcomes can correspond with reduced episode length. This drives cost-effective episodes and ensures that providers can support additional patients that need care.

Drive Efficient Care with Digital Assessments and Red-Flagging

Effective care begins with triage. With Kemtai, providers can triage patients more efficiently through digital assessments and ensure that they prioritize patients that need care most. This ensures that patients’ conditions don’t worsen while waiting for care. Similarly, Kemtai provides proactive red-flagging that identifies patients who are not adherent, which ensures providers can intervene to change patient behavior when necessary. With more effective triaging and red-flagging, providers can drive savings by improving outcomes, reducing episode length, and preventing costly interventions.

Drive Revenue through Expanded Patient Base

In-person appointments often present barriers to patients, such as the need for transportation and time commitment. However, Kemtai allows patients to complete physical therapy sessions at home via telehealth, which removes these barriers. This means that, with Kemtai, providers can serve a wider population of patients because they do not have the same geographic restrictions. A wider population of patients can drive an increase in revenue.