Physiotherapy Data Synchronization

Kemtai generates essential motion and posture data from patient exercising and enables providers, doctors and physical therapists to provide adaptive and optimized plans.

Kemtai uses computer vision technology to collect feedback data from patients as they exercise. This data includes things like range of motion, form quality, number of repetitions and overall performance. This data is then synced with the therapist’s information to create a complete and holistic view of the patient’s exercise performance.

The platform uses this data to create a personalized exercise experience for each patient. The real-time feedback and guidance provided by the platform allows for an adaptive and highly personalized exercise experience that can take into account the patient’s ability status and performance. The platform can adjust the exercise program based on the patient’s progress, providing a unique and effective experience tailored to each individual.

The typical implementation involves API data sync between Kemtai’s exercise player and the providers digital platform or patient engagement application. Rich performance data is made available to the provider and its practitioners who can then personalize and optimize patients plans based on their condition and actual performance.

In this way, Kemtai provides a seamless and convenient way for patients to receive high-quality physical therapy and rehabilitation services. By collecting robust feedback data and delivering an adaptive exercise experience, Kemtai helps patients achieve their goals and improve their physical health and well-being. The combination of computer vision technology and expert therapist input results in a truly personalized experience for patients.