Why Virtual Fitness is the Easy Way to Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolutions

  Losing weight, improving fitness and getting in shape are some of, if not the most, popular new year’s resolutions.  […]

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Losing weight, improving fitness and getting in shape are some of, if not the most, popular new year’s resolutions.  Unfortunately, though, it’s estimated that almost 80% of these resolutions fail before February.  This article looks at why so many fitness resolutions fail, and how virtual fitness may just be the solution everyone’s been looking for.

So Why Do Fitness Resolutions Fail?

For the most part, fitness resolutions fail because they’re simply too big of a change from what the person making the resolution is used to.  For example, if you’ve never exercised, suddenly expecting yourself to train six times per week is a HUGE change, it’s too far outside what you’re used to.  This is sort of the same reason why 70% of lottery winners end up broke.

And contrary to popular belief, signing up for an expensive gym or class membership doesn’t actually help with long term commitment.  In fact, in a lot of cases you’ll be making it harder for yourself, as you might be committing to an experience that you don’t enjoy, turning something that should be fun into an obligation.

Instead, successful resolutions are all about stacking the deck in your favour.

How Virtual Fitness Might Be the Best Solution to Accomplishing Your Resolutions

1) Virtual fitness offers you variety

Unlike being locked into a gym or class membership, most virtual fitness products are done on a rolling monthly contract.  This gives you the freedom to swap around and find the type of exercise sessions that work best for you.

And with options like virtual HIIT classes, yoga classes, pilates, spin sessions, boxing classes and more, you’re spoilt for choice.  Way better than having to do the same old gym class for the hundredth time.

2) Virtual fitness is covid-proof.

Let’s be honest, there’s no guarantee that 2021 is going to go according to plan.  Your country might go back into a national lockdown, closing gyms, restricting access to classes and throwing your fitness plans right out the window.

With virtual fitness that isn’t a problem.  Everything you need is already within your own home, so you’ll always be able to access it.

3) Online Trainers are on hand to help you

Lots of personal trainers are now offering online coaching services, complete with regular check-ins and updates.  This is perfect if you’re someone who needs regular accountability to keep them on track. 

Plus, with technology like zoom and skype, some trainers can also deliver live 1:1 sessions directly to you, even if you’re on opposite sides of the world.  If you’re someone who really needs that personal touch to feel invested in a programme, this might be exactly the solution you’re looking for.

4) Virtual personal training technology can keep you on track

Services like Kemtai offer a virtual personal training experience that can keep you on track  by providing real-time feedback on your technique for dozens of popular exercises.  This is great for two reasons.  First, technical feedback improves your technique, which reduces the risk of an injury getting in the way of your fitness resolutions.  Second, better technique means better results, which will help to keep you motivated with your training.

5) Fitness trackers allow you to monitor your progress

Monitoring and tracking your own progress is one of the best ways to increase your motivation and improve your adherence to a fitness plan.  Devices such as fitbits and other smartwatch type tech automatically collect data on distances walked or ran, as well as your average speed and heartrate, giving you plenty of information to track. 

Alternatively, for a simpler but still technology-based monitoring process, you can use tools like excel to create exercise spreadsheets and keep track of your workouts with the aim of improving next time.

6) Virtual fitness works around you

it won’t be long into the new year before work starts to ramp back up and you’re suddenly busier than ever before.  This is often the death knell for fitness resolutions, because you find yourself unable to get to your favourite gym classes, or just too tired to motivate yourself to leave the house again once you’re home from work.

Virtual fitness tackles this head on by giving you loads more flexibility.  Classes, coaches and workouts are accessible at any time, meaning you can do them at your convenience at times that work for your unique calendar. 

Had to stay late at work?  No problem, you can smash out a fantastic 20-minute HIIT class in your living room.

Can’t find the time to train on Wednesday?  No worries, you can do the same session on Thursday instead.

7) Virtual fitness Is budget friendly

Let’s be honest, no-one is flush with cash at the start of the year, so being faced with incredibly high monthly gym or class fees can be a real obstacle to new years resolution fitness success.

Virtual fitness on the hand is generally priced very affordably.  You’ll find group coaching programmes for $20-50 per month and online personal training options for $100-200.  What’s more, you can also find a huge range of guided workouts available for free on YouTube.

Summary – Why Virtual Fitness is The Easy Way to Accomplish Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

If you’ve read all the way through then you’ve now got seven great reasons to look towards virtual fitness.  It’s budget friendly, works around you, offers a wide variety of training options, gives you access to technique feedback, puts you in touch with online personal trainers, helps you track your progress and it’s covid-proof.

All of which in combination means you’ll have a lot more motivation and a lot fewer obstacles to achieving your fitness goals, which is absolutely crucial for long-term success, especially when you’re introducing new habits that you’re not used to.

Give virtual fitness a try, and we’re pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

Good luck.