How to Create a Home Workout Routine You Can Stick To

HOW TO CREATE A HOME WORKOUT ROUTINE YOU CAN STICK TO There are many benefits to a home workout routine, […]

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There are many benefits to a home workout routine, including its low cost and exercising in the comfort of your own personal space. However, sticking to a home exercise routine is another matter entirely. No matter how well-designed your routine is, you won’t get the results you’re looking for if you don’t do it consistently.

In this post, we’ll take a look at different ideas for creating a home workout routine that you can stick to.

Write Down Your Goals – And Review Them Every Day

To give yourself the best chance of sticking to your workout routine, set health and fitness goals for and write them down. In fact, studies have shown that simply writing your goal down can increase your chance of accomplishing it by as much as 42%.

Now, as unlikely as this may seem, when you write a goal down – whether packing on muscle, melting fat, or working on your exercise form – and review it daily, you’re constantly reminding yourself of what you want. As a result, your actions are far more likely to stay aligned with your objectives and you’re more likely to achieve your fitness goals.

Pick A Time and Frequency You Can Stick To

It’s crucial to be honest with yourself and choose a workout time you can stick to consistently. Although there’s certainly nothing wrong with aiming high – think long-term. You need to stack a series of small wins, as early as possible, to create the habit of working out at home. Choosing a time you can commit to, so you don’t let yourself down, is a key part of generating early momentum that will drive you towards success. 

So, forget what you’ve read about the best time of day to exercise – do what works for you. If you don’t like working out early, don’t plan workout sessions first thing in the morning. Similarly, if you’re usually wiped out after work, don’t schedule your workouts for the evening

Give Yourself a Score

Another effective way of sticking to your home workout routine is to score your workouts. A simple way to calculate your workout score would be to give yourself a certain amount of points for things such as:

  • Correctly completed reps
  • Time spent performing an exercise
  • The amount of weight used
  • Number of completed sets

By giving yourself a score, not only will you push yourself harder to gain points in your current workout, but you’ll be far more likely to follow through on your next session. Scoring your workouts keeps things interesting by giving you yet another thing to shoot for.

Choose Exercises That You Enjoy

It’s much easier to stick to something that you like doing, so select exercises and workouts that you enjoy.  You’ll get more stimulation, both physically and mentally, from each workout and, despite pushing yourself, you’ll look forward to your next exercise session.

Also, make a point to consistently try new exercises and workout routines to discover new things that you enjoy. That way, you’ll build your exercise and fitness knowledge, while adding new techniques to your repertoire to consistently surprise your body and force it to work harder. One of the benefits of a personal trainer is their ability to teach you new exercises, as well as how to alter familiar movements to challenge yourself.

Keep A Workout Diary

Lastly, a highly effective way to stick your home workout routine is to keep an exercise diary. By logging all of your workouts, you’ll keep better track of your progress and clearly see where you’re improving, as well as which aspects of your routine you need to work on.

Where attention goes, energy flows – so merely paying more attention to your workouts, by writing them down, will help you improve. 


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