How Exercise Scores Improve Home Workouts

THE IMPORTANCE OF GETTING SCORED TO WORKING OUT Everyone loves to stay in good shape and keep fit. You probably […]

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Everyone loves to stay in good shape and keep fit. You probably work out because you want that perfect waist size, summer body, the perfect body build or abs. News flash, making heads turn with a sexy body, does not come without a price. The results of working out are desirable, but the problem is in the ability to follow through on the process.

For most on this work out journey, quantifying progress is important to keep them motivated. It may be not easy to do this by constant weight check or just looking at yourself in the mirror. Constantly checking for bodily changes might frustrate you out of the race when there are no obvious changes in your physique. The big question will be on the best methods to track one’s workout progress.

Fitness Scores

One of the proven ways to assess one’s workout performance is through fitness scores. You may have heard a friend mention or seen cases where fitness coaches grade people based on their workout performance. While this might sound all school-like, it just might be the answer to helping you assess your workout routines.

A fitness score is awarded in points by a coach, trainer, or fitness expert based on performance during a workout session. This score helps you know how well you did during training, and by tracking over a while, you can determine if there is some progress in your fitness level, beyond visible changes in your appearance.

What Makes Fitness Score Important

If you have fallen in and out of workout in recent times or you are thinking about quitting, here is the article for you. Getting scored after a workout session helps your fitness level in various ways, all helping you to achieve your fitness goal in the long run. Follow me as I walk you through four major reasons you may want to consider employing fitness scores in your workout routines.

  • Getting scored is a source of motivation

There is always that time you want to stop working out or even find yourself not working out again, and this might be for various reasons, one of which is lack of motivation. Lack of motivation can make anyone quit working out, no matter how passionate they have been previously.

We all want to see results for our hard work, and once it does not seem like we have acquired our body goals, it is easy to lose motivation. At this point, sticking to workout routines becomes difficult. Getting scored can easily change the narrative because it shows you how well you are doing and makes you want to do more if you are not already doing well.

In a study organized by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in 2018, it was revealed that more than 80% of Americans don’t exercise as much as they should because they lack motivation. Having a personal fitness coach who can keep you accountable and give you the drive even as you work out at home can help keep up your motivation.

The major thing preventing you from achieving your fitness goal now is getting a trainer who would help you through the scoring process, and guess what? I have the solution for you, one which you can have your coach even at the comfort of your home. Kemtai Virtual Personal Trainer is made just for you. The virtual fitness coach scores your workout sessions to ensure that you are always motivated to achieve your fitness goals. 

  • A good fitness score boosts your confidence level.

Confidence influences the way a person approaches his or her workout routine. It applies more when the fitness goal is to maintain a particular body shape or attain a certain weight. For some reason, your progress might not be the way you expect it, and even the most hardworking person can suffer from low self-esteem. 

A fitness score gives a clear picture of how efficient your routines are and an assurance that your workout sessions will soon yield the desired result. This boost in confidence will your build self-esteem and drive to keep up exercising.

An individual working towards having six-packs or a flat tummy for instance, will stay confident if he or she keeps getting a high workout score at the end of every session though he or she has yet to achieve his or her goal. A fitness score is, indeed, important to working out!

  • It is a way of tracking your fitness progress.

Motivation might not be enough to keep you focused on your workout routines. You also want to make progress and track it, which is just what a fitness score gives you. With a trainer who can evaluate your workout performances, you can tell over time if you are making progress or not. Noted by numerous fitness researchers, tracking your fitness progress makes you more committed and willing to take your workouts to a higher level.

Taking running as an example, a runner gets better at an increased pace. If he or she gets scored for each running session by recording the distance covered over a particular period or the time is taken to cover a particular distance, it would be easy to know if there is progress or not. Whatever way it turns out, it is easy to set goals to either keep up with the progress or get better when the scores are not looking good.

Whether you want to track your progress in running, squatting, or in a push-up, Kemtai is your number one go-to workout aid. The leading virtual personal trainer scores your workout sessions accurately using appropriate yardsticks and helps track your progress in all kinds of exercise for you to achieve your fitness goals. Interesting, isn’t it?

  • It is a form of friendly competition.

Healthy competitions have always improved performance, and this is the best drive for some people to get better and achieve their set body goals. Evidence from findings of a research team led by Damon Centola in research conducted during an 11-week exercise program, using 790 people, showed that healthy competitions promote consistent working out. Since Kemtai creates a friendly competitive atmosphere for working out through fitness scores, the virtual trainer makes exercise sessions fun and engaging for you.

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