How Exercise Data is Revolutionizing Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness programs are more of an employee perk, used by the few that are exercising already, so how can they be personalized to fit each employee’s path and also benefit the employers

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By some estimates, the US corporate wellness industry was worth close to $20B in 2019

Then the global coronavirus pandemic hit. Employees stayed home en masse; employers (and their wellness providers) scrambled to adapt.

Now that the dust seems to have settled, signs show that mental health and productivity for (often permanently) at-home employees are more critical than ever. One Oracle study reported that nearly 8 in 10 workers felt the pandemic greatly impacted their mental health, and 85% of respondents said work-related stress affected their home lives. While the benefits of hybrid work from home and office are clear, new challenges were introduced—and many employees became even more sedentary than before.

The problem with corporate wellness

The solution seems simple. Fit and healthy employees, of course, are generally more emotionally resilient and productive—which means exercise-focused corporate wellness programs remain just as vital as they’ve ever been. 

Paradoxically, though, many employees don’t use the fitness and wellness programs offered by their employers. These programs might work for workers who are already fitness-oriented, but they typically don’t motivate people to start training when they haven’t before. That, of course, is the key audience to activate.

Usage data is also scant, making matters worse for employers. Even when a home user plays a video, are they exercising? Are they risking injury or harm because they’re exercising improperly? What should they do next for improved health? 

This is why, in many cases, corporate wellness programs are more of an employee perk, used by the few that are exercising already—and not an employee activation program that personalizes each employee’s path to a healthier lifestyle whether they’re in shape or not.

The solution: better data, used more effectively

Industry disruptors like Kemtai are looking to help transform the corporate wellness industry by:

  • Delivering a guided, interactive exercise experience that’s as effective as a personal trainer,
  • Collecting robust feedback data from exercising employees, and then 
  • Delivering an adaptive, highly personalized fitness experience based on actual behavior and performance.

This data can also be used by corporate wellness platforms to increase activation and engagement, prove the impact of a program to employers with indisputable data, and tailor a personalized journey for members.

Kemtai leverages advanced, proprietary computer vision technology that can run on any device with a camera—laptop, phone or tablet. Kemtai’s industry-leading computer vision models track more points on a user’s body, vastly increasing measurement accuracy and supporting hundreds of different exercises. 

Kemtai makes sense for both workers and employers

Because that dataset is so much more accurate, Kemtai does a better job of adapting exercises to fit a user’s performance level. Kemtai’s tech can accurately identify and analyze employees’ movements, providing immediate guidance and feedback to correct and improve their performance. 

That responsive assistance significantly improves workouts—helping users feel “they’re doing it right” and setting them up for visible progress and “wins” down the road.

From an employer’s perspective, Kemtai saves on costs because it turns any camera into a digital personal trainer or physiotherapist. That means employers can implement it using employees’ existing equipment and avoid expensive logistics nightmares—and get data that tracks actual activation rates.

A library of 600+ existing exercise videos supports multiple types of exercise—from mobility, physio, and Pilates, to HiiT, flexibility, cardio, and strength workouts—so employees are less likely to get bored and tune out. And Kemtai’s tech is portable and affordable—ready to turn anyone’s home into a safer, more convenient alternative to going to the gym. These advantages encourage new adoption and reduce the chance that employees will turn their backs on the program.

In short, Kemtai represents nothing less than a corporate wellness revolution—working with existing corporate wellness platforms to enable employers to create a motivating fitness experience while helping their employees stay physically fit and healthy.