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6 Killer Advantages of Having a Customized & Flexible Workout Plan

A flexible workout plan caters to your physical limitations, such as injuries or disabilities. If you have muscle pain, an adaptable workout schedule allows alternative exercises to avoid pain. And if you want to lose weight instead of building your muscles, you can design your workout routine accordingly.

December 16, 2021  6 min reading

Whether you’ve tried many plans already or are just beginning your fitness journey, a personal trainer can help you meet your fitness goals. 

A customized workout plan takes your requirements and schedule into account, allowing you to incorporate an exercise regime into your daily schedule.

Most importantly, you can always change your workout routine if it doesn’t suit you, especially if you’re losing motivation on the way or finding it difficult to follow certain exercises.

When you’re hoping to get in shape, you can try various workout plans. With so many plans available, you might get overwhelmed with what you can do. However, choosing a personal trainer can solve lots of issues.

This blog explores the advantages of having a flexible workout plan that will show why you need one. 

So, stick with us and read on.

1. A customized plan is adjusted as per your physical limitations

The best part of having a personalized plan is that you can adjust it according to your requirements, including physical limitations.  This is invaluable if there are certain exercises you cannot do.

Exercises like sit-ups and jumping jacks can be challenging for those who easily strain their joints and muscles. However, these are pretty standard exercises, which are part of various exercise regimes.

A customized plan can ensure that you don’t risk your safety and instead do exercises that generate the same results.

2. A customized workout routine is based on your current fitness level

Some people are incredibly healthy, which allows them to undertake a difficult exercise regime. Others are flexible, which makes bending exercises super easy for them. A customized workout plan considers your current fitness level and incorporates exercises accordingly.

How often have you started a workout schedule only to find it extremely difficult to replicate and follow? 

This happens when you’re pushing your body more than it can bear.

If you’ve never exercised before, you will want to start with simple exercises that are easy to follow and slowly build your way up. 

However, if you’ve followed various workout plans already, you can start with more challenging exercises.

For instance, Kemtai is a workout platform that builds flexible and customized exercise plans for you. It considers the areas you want to work out, such as upper body, core, lower body, or back, together with your abilities to do cardio, maintain balance, and be flexible.

It also allows you to rate the level of difficulty you can handle between the levels “Couch Potato” and “Superman.” 

Most importantly, Kemtai allows you to choose whether or not you own certain equipment. So, for instance, if you don’t have any equipment at your home, you can always avoid exercises that require them. 

3. Adjusting to your schedule

A customized plan is also beneficial if you have minimal time to spend exercising per week. You can spend more time exercising over days like weekends and incorporate exercise easily into your daily schedule through a flexible plan.

Many people work the entire day and usually have minimal time on their hands for exercising. Students also have classes to attend, making it difficult to exercise in the morning or evening.

If you’re in a similar situation, then a customized plan is what you need. 

You can identify how much time you can spend every day for exercise. If you can only spare time over the weekends, then a customized plan will ensure that you do all the required exercises efficiently over the weekends.

On the other hand, if you can spend even 30 minutes a day throughout the week, you can personalize the exercise plan by incorporating quick but effective exercises. This will ensure you have a smooth, customized plan to follow every week without disturbing your work or study schedule.

4. A flexible workout plan focuses on your goals

A customized plan can be all according to your specific goals. A person who wants to lose weight will have a very different workout regime from someone who wants to play sports. Therefore, a flexible workout plan will ensure the results are exactly what you want.

It’s important to note that one exercise plan does not fit all. Nor can it be generic and copied directly from someone else. A good exercise plan considers your health as well and identifies what you want to gain from it.

Women and men also train very differently. Although the differences might not be very apparent, their bodies respond very differently to the same exercises. Some people have to focus on certain areas that are less imperative for other people.

By customizing your workout regime, you can ensure that it fits all your requirements and helps meet your goals.

5. You can always change your plan 

There might be exercises not working for you. You might want to change your plan if you’re getting different results from what you expected. But you can only do this if you have the leverage to customize your plan.

Exercising is about trial and error as well. 

If certain exercises don’t work for you or, let’s say, are a source of pain for you, then you need to change your workout plan. 

A customized plan ensures that you can always change your workout regime entirely or just some parts of it. With Kemtai, you get real-time feedback on the progress of your fitness journey.

6. A workout plan caters to your motivation style

You can also design your workout plan as per your motivation style. For instance, if yoga is something that you like to do before starting a challenging workout regime, then you can incorporate yoga into the plan.

What motivates one person might be way different from what motivates another person. 

So, when you personalize your fitness plan, you can create it according to your motivation plan, further guaranteeing success and the results you desire.

Create your flexible workout plan

Exercise is a great way to not only build your muscles but also stay healthy and active. However, a customized workout plan is necessary to ensure you meet your goals. The flexible plan considers factors like your schedule, motivation style, and fitness level.

A customized workout plan is also necessary if you want to avoid certain exercises, such as those that require equipment or extra flexibility. But if you can’t go to a personal trainer to help you build a plan, you need to download Kemtai.

Kemtai is a workout platform backed by a team of professional fitness trainers. The virtual trainer will help you build a flexible and customized exercise plan. It considers the areas you want to work on, your current fitness level, schedule, and the type of exercises you can do. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

You only need your laptop, browser, and the internet to build your workout plan with Kemtai. And you can add your family members to your account to enjoy the platform together. Join Kemtai now to start exercising at home