• Accurately identifies and analyzes your exact movements
  • Provides immediate guidance & feedback to correct and improve performance
  • From fitness to physiotherapy it’s the most effective home exercise platform
  • Requires no special hardware or expensive devices

From Fitness to Physical Therapy

  • Real-time feedback, qualitative scoring and corrective guidance
  • AI and advanced computer vision power an adaptive platform for trainers, fitness brands and physiotherapy partners
  • A holistic approach to the fitness and physical therapy continuum
  • Home users enjoy an interactive exercise session that is better, safer and more fun

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  • Choose a studio session, the Workout Wizard or any trainer from our library
  • Multiple trainers from around the world offering their best home fitness workouts
  • Hundreds of workouts from Pilates, HiiT, Flexibility, Cardio and many more
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No need to schedule or wait – just pick the time that’s best for you and get going. From 5-min workouts to hour long or more, from easy stretching to high intensity and strength – it’s always available, providing real-time feedback and guidance and making sure you’re doing the best you can.



Choose the duration, target muscle groups, workout style and difficulty level and Kemtai will create a hyper-personalized workout with exercises that fit your exact requirements



Track your exercise history to measure progress and analyze each specific exercise within every workout. Our adaptive workouts are based on your actual performance. Share and compare your results with friends and family.

Group 48 89 Wow Alex, you are at the 1st place based on your location Israel and your age group ( 25-35 )


Ganel Sinter


Amichai Bloch

Daphna Noy

Matan Onyame

Liam Rushmer

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Kemtai provides you with a variety of workout styles such as HiiT, Pilates, Strength and Cardio to let you enjoy the most effective home workout with our digital personal training

The best trainers with the best workouts from around the world

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2022 Fitness Awards: Kemtai Wins Best for Improving your Form!

What It's Like To Work Out With An AI-Based Trainer

Step into the future of training with a brand-new exercise experience focused on providing the most personalized and adaptive home workout experience using AI technology.

Kemtai promises to transform your laptop or desktop into an advanced, motion-tracking digital personal trainer, complete with real-time personalized feedback and guidance.

KEMTAI Brings Atificial Intelligence Into Your Home Digital Workouts

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Kemtai’s team has spent over 15 years pioneering the Computer Vision and AI field. Combined with advancements in modern technology, their expertise has allowed them to create an incredibly powerful computer vision fitness tool that doesn’t require any additional expensive and bulky hardware.

Kemtai scores 4/5 stars in this T3 review - It is an innovative digital workout platform that helps you learn and/or maintain proper exercise form. The ability to get live feedback on your movements is unique and beneficial to getting a good workout